Mar 17, 2022 - Update Meeting

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  • NEG screens - Marcy
  • Vacuum chamber
    • Phil - Anything else to be done to the chamber (fiducial fixtures? support base? etc.)
    • How is the vacuum bake going? Marcy / Phil
  • Gun table layouts (UITF, CEBAF) - Shaun
  • Anode tube versions
    • Shaun sent Gabriel models for the 12 narrow and for the 6 wide slot tubes
    • Gabriel has done simulation of the beam deflection with these 2 models. Slides can be found here
    • The 12 slot tube seems to have a lesser effect on beam kick compared to the 6 slot tube
    • Gabriel and Carlos will discuss next week with Joe results from electrostatic models with various biasing options. This is to pick the best tube version (12 narrow slots, or 6 wide slots)
  • These are the models for the anode drift tube with 12, 0.5 inch wide slots (blue) and another tube with 6, 1.0 inch wide slots.
  • Tilted anode and tube with 12 and with 6 slots.png
  • The electrodes and anode have been vacuum degassed to 950 C for 6 hours by S. Williams with the resulting sun profile shown below.
    • InjElectDeg950 6hrs 031522 1040 data plot.jpg

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