Mar 20, 2020 Meeting Minutes

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Emails/attachments sent during the previous week

  • None

Post-meeting notes

  • Josh presented GPT simulations of a DC beam.
  • Josh will start making minutes pages for each meeting (including this one!)
  • Need to implement Maxwellian distribution code into GPT to make a Maxwellian distribution of ions
  • Try running GPT/IBSimu on JLab cluster? - will ask Alicia
  • Try showing beam potential on GPT (i.e. plot beam potential and overlay). Beam potential can be derived by running a simulation with and without the electron beam and then subtract.
  • Try running another beam after 2ns (i.e. a pulsed beam)
  • Try adding E-Field and correctors.
  • Meetings will be held on BlueJeans until further notice. COVID-19 is coming...

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