Mar 6, 2020 Meeting Minutes

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Emails/attachments sent during the previous week

  • Email chain subject name: Ion energy consumption from Bethe's original article (1930)
    • Date: Mar 2-4, 2020
    • Description: Josh sent a translated/transcribed version of "Theory of the passage of fast corpuscular rays through matter," which has a detailed description of ion energies after ionization

Post-meeting notes

  • Josh presented ion energy analysis - GPT simulations of single bunch with fixed parameters. Simulations were made with the ionization as is, with the energy of the ion unchanged, secondary electrons on/off, and with space charge on/off.
  • Need to make bunch with long length for DC bwaem
  • Need to make higher bunch charge to see the effects of space charge - perhaps a single bunch going through stationary ions
  • Removing NEGs makes a big difference in the electric field profile of the CEBAF photogun
  • Need to check e-field for 0.1<=z<=0.25m - Cristhian showed that there is a bump in the e-field on axis in that range.
  • Perhaps use Maxwellian distribution of ions with 3-4eV. Cristhian will share his C++ routine for creating this Maxwellian distribution.

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