March 12, 2020 - ME/INJ/CIS

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  • What is the bellows type count, how may 3" and 3.5"?
  • Chris, do you have all as-founds you need?
  • Use C channel everywhere and move pedestals ok?
Anthony says yes, do it
  • Carlos, send Shaun Wien feedthrough p/n
  • SS or Al brackets?
Use Al, now all 7-3/4" girder to beam line, girder holes whereever imagine support
  • NEG chambers
Detail Y- 10" flange, NEG's here
Flip DP for IP beam left, modify for new NEG's?
  • Laser vacuum window?
Caryn started evaluating
Layout tight, how to fit optics, inside laser room?
  • 2I spools?
ME will order, need in time to a) weld capture solenoid, b) NEG coat
  • New BPM's
Design done, feedthroughs ordered, waiting on req to MDC
  • Solenoid fixtures?
  • Dipole
Emerson backed out, Milhous quoting round/square, Lakshimi working on Jay's AT design
  • Soleonids
Joe M. what is status?
  • Quads
Have 3 QW, Mike testing 2 spare QW quads (capture on welded cross)
  • Correctors
Joe G make tally
  • Wien
Technicoil getting ready to wind
  • PSS Kicker
Met w/ Jerry, Lakshimi working on upgraded kicker to move 200 keV beam 1cm @ 30 cm w < 200 mA (March 9 layout)
  • Bellows - waiting on final count
  • Right angle valves - we have 5 or 6, should be ok?
  • Gun 10" flange - signed req for (2)
  • BPM feedthroughs - ordered
  • BPM cans - waiting on req to MDC
  • Chris, what cameras will you use, will they fit?
  • Mark/Dave, do you have a plan for 2500W solid state chopper amps?
  • Mark/Dave, do you have a plan for Brock prebuncher cavity/amp?
  • Omar, do you have BPM channel?
  • Is the March 9th layout ok?
  • Is the harp location OK for solenoid scans?
  • Should a viewer remain at the harp location, should this be a YAG?
  • Where else should YAG's go?
  • Can a YAG go at the laser screen, I don't think so?
  • Is the beam envelope OK for ways we run spin rotators?
What are the currents and/or B's for the solenoids and quads?
  • What are the power levels for existing or Brock prebuncher cavities, for 130 or 200 keV locations?
  • Is distance from MFG1I04A to upstream corrector far enough? or move MFG1I04A downstream, how far?
Jay is running cases
  • Is the corrector/bpm downstream A1 useful?
  • Plan for May gun work?