March 20, 2020 - ME/INJ/CIS

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How to move forward?
  • let's work through our 'jobs' and see what work can be done at home, what cannot
  • impacts of delays
ME jobs
  • what's the capability to work on the layout at home? and to distribute updated of models to look at? or dimensioned beamlines to use?
  • what's the list of ME tasks (design, fabrication, orders)
CIS jobs
  • identify source for all components needed
  • complete purchase reqs
  • testing the Wien filter
  • building up the NEG tube in a few weeks
  • help finalize final layout
  • evaluate layout w/ simulations to list operational settings (solenoids, quads, prebuncher), Wien's off and on

Last week's punchlsit

  • Danny - Will Frank Marhauser model the BPM design? => Frank said he checked this
  • Alicia - Show a Haimson corrector on spool downstream of first solenoid
  • Joe - Please show UITF style camera assembly on viewer crosses
  • Joe - Do we need a different length spool piece through the two FG solenoids than exists today?
  • Matt - we probably need a new A1 cube (prior one modified for Brock bunchlength monitor)
  • Alicia - please swap harp w/ valve on last girder before chopper
  • Reza - please put A2 on a cube as well, w/ same type of steering coils
  • Joe - do you need 200 keV beam for any final checkout tests before we take beam line apart?
  • Joe - is the distance from MFG-A to upstream steering coil sufficient?
  • Matt - decide what power you need in different cavities/locations, work w/ RF to determine regulation needed
  • Riad - will magnetic field of first coil reach photocathode? will it affect solenoids? => Riad, can you please look into this
  • Matt - Lubricate the stepper motors => added to summer work plans
  • Matt - Order spare right angle values => Done, ordered +2 in addition to existing 5 in tunnel
  • Matt - Update on Brock pre-buncher delivery plan => parts due to Jlab by early April, (many fab/testing steps, so probably delays)