March 27, 2013

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We will meet in ARC 428 (new home!) on Wednesday March 27 at 3pm EST.

For those calling in we'll use the ReadyTalk audio conference system.

1. Dial Toll-Free Number: 866-740-1260 (U.S. & Canada)
2. Enter 7-digit access code 3441852, followed by “#”


* Recap highlights of theory meeting with XRM/CH/WM: Media:130327_MottMtg.pdf
* Agree on targets, energies, angles we would like Xavier to calculate.
* Xavier provided adapted our Mott code for (T,U) with reference Media:RevModPhys.41.3.pdf
* (Marty) Time-of-flight plots from last meeting Media:Mott_ToF_Update_2013-03-27.pdf
* (Marty) Can you generate asymmetry vs. (thickness, time)?
* (Joe) Comments on polarimetry form PEB workshop
* Two things: Detector simulation + adding Mott to G4
Scattering Chamber
* Collimator location
* Be Plug
* OTR signal