March 27, 2020 - ME/INJ/CIS/CASA

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Meeting Info

We will meet Thursday @ 10am EDT via BlueJeans
Meeting URL (for video and/or audio call in):
Phone number (for audio call in): 1-888-240-2560
Meeting ID: 909497334#
Updated layout
 From Joe - yes, if nobody makes the case otherwise then we'll put A1 further out (3mm, 4mm, full retract)
From Marcy - We have decided that we would like to install a new manipulator to replace our manual one.   Can you please send price and availability for delivery to the US (Virginia) for the following parts: and
From Scott - After talking with Jay it looks like this would be our best bet. He assured me all of the Epics related software has been created. It will use a direct ethernet connection to a softioc.
From Danny - you can see by the attached drawings that we cannot just mount aperture 2 on a 4.5" cube from its present cross. the centerline for the cube to the mounting flange is 2.93 vs. 2.46 for the cross. plus we have two blind tapped flanges interfacing.
From Joe - yeah.  we can't just do that.  looks like we need instead to make a total copy of A1: a) cube, b) long A1 (but w/ bigger holes), c) coils, d) can we re-use the A2 manual linear bellows, "looks" the same as A1?
From Danny - yes, the manipulators are the same.
Viewer Shields
From Marcy - Those are the uitf ones from the FEL - are we looking for the ones we use in the injector?
From Joe M. -  ETI reported that their subcontracting machine shops will still be operating and doesn’t foresee a slip in the schedule but will update us ASAP if anything arises. Also, any paint color preference for the solenoids?  The FA solenoids attached to the chopper were a deep red.  Looked pretty good.
15 deg dipole
From Danny - attached find milhous's quote for the 15 degree bend magnet. 24.5k for round wire. 30.9k for square wire. 14 weeks delivery. have we decided if we want to make them ourselves? if we decide to go with them, we probably need to ask some questions? -jay mentioned ordered wraps vs. random wraps. -any others?
From Jay - round wire is fine.  Hexagonal close pack required.  If they can't do that with round wire, they will have no choice with square lay with square wire.
Wien filter