March 3, 2020 - Modeling

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GPT simulations
Elegant simulations
Need to provide desired quad strengths/currents to Jay, see if the existing QU's satisfy this, need to fabricate to have on hand June
FG magnet spacing
Injector alignment
From: C. Curtis => I have included the e-mail thread where the offsets were discussed. These are 1.2mm in X and 1.5mm in Z. The discontinuity occurs between the QJ0L02 and QJ0L03 girders. Since we will need to re-align the new components upstream of the Chopper anyway, I would propose re-aligning the remaining elements upstream of QJ0L03 such that they are compatible with the rest of the accelerator.
PSS kicker
Meeting later this week with Jerry and Lakshmi on boosting kicker strength
Any other status updates