March 6, 2020 - PSS Kicker Meeting

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Documents from Jerry
media:Kicker Dimensions mm 20200225.docx - sketch with kicker coils dimension, wire gauge and spool size.
media:Redesign of Kicker.docx - more detailed description of changes to the original spools.
media:Kicker requirements 19950123.pdf - 1995 spec sheet, where 220 turns are mentioned etc.
media:Safety Systems Kicker 20180508.docx - somewhat more detailed description of the system and controls but rather in the draft form.
Description from Jerry
Currently spool is less than 50% filled. Obviously there is more than that needed.
Based on the available documentation, the supply voltage is 12VDC.
Maximum current output of the driver circuit is limited to 200mA.
It is either supplied to single coil during kick or split between bias and kicker coils when not kicked (tripped).
My understanding is that on each spool there are two identical windings with opposite polarization (current flows in opposite direction).
Therefore, when both are powered with the same current (they share 200mA, each receiving 100mA) they cancel each other.
During the kick only one of these windings is powered with all 200mA of current, producing strong magnetic field (kick).
Proposed requirements for PSS kicker for 200 keV upgrade
With regard to the kicker requirements document p.3-4
The beam will be deflected onto the "A2" mask.
It has three apertures of diameter 4,6,8 mm
The maximum radius is there a=4mm
The proposed distance between the kicker and A2 mask is : 17.40" - 5.56" - 3.00" = 8.84" = 22.45 cm
The nominal beam energy is 200 keV