March 9, 2020 - Resource meeting

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200KV gun BPM's
All of the 1I/0I BPM's have been place in new CAD model
Is there an extra SEE channel available? for May, or later?
Injector Solenoids Upgrade
Joe...we'd like to install first article by mid-May? delivery schedule update...
200kV Quadrupoles
Dennis Turner is finding we may only need 4 MQW's, before/after the Wien filters
We have 3 QW's (they're captured to 6-way crosses) in tunnel, so we'll re-use them
Mike is going to test two spare, we'll need to weld on cross media:IMG_20200309_124214318.jpg

200KV 15 deg dipole
Vendor backed out, meeting tomorrow, Jay has a back-up plan
200kV Wien Filter
This vendor hasn't back out, getting ready to wind new coils media:20200305_145427.jpg
Speaking of Wien filters, how's that going Carlos?
And the Wien filter controls.... Keith, is June installation good? penetrations identified?
And the Wien filter PS .... Sarin, everything okay, do you need penetrations dropped?
Vacuum Upgrades

Tally components by systems media:200209_ResourceMeeting.xlsx

Correctors (21 pairs , down from 23 pairs)

  • Will re-use existing MBH (long Haimson), MHB (short Haimson), MHD (on A1 cube), and eliminate MAD in favor of another type
  • Total number of H/V pairs is 21 (goes down by 2 pair, so should free up 4 channels)

Dipoles (2: same number)

  • PO written for 1+1 new 15 deg dipole fits on 3" OD pipe (replaces existing similar MDS fits on 2.5" pipe)
  • 500 keV spectrometer dipole (MBO) will either be re-used as-is, possibly modified for taller vacuum chamber aperture

Solenoids (11: same number)

  • Gun to Chopper region : retain two FG solenoids + upgrade the FH, FB, FQ with three new FX solenoids
  • Chopper : retain two FA solenoids captured to chopper cavities + upgrade the two FD solenoids with two new FY solenoids (TBD: one or two PS)
  • Chopper to Booster : upgrade FA, FL with two new FX solenoids

Quadrupoles (6: same number)

  • Replace existing 6 quads (types QW, QU) with two new triplets (3Q), under design now
  • If design is late or does not come to fruition, may retain the 6 quads we have now
  • Right now, retain one skew quad MQS0I07, but should be eliminated by improved Booster module

Earth Coils (2: same number)

  • One coil across chopper
  • One coil across chopper-booster

Wien Filters (2: same number, Vertical then Horizontal)

  • PO written for 2+1 pairs of 200 keV coils to retrofit on dipole steel
  • New electrodes under test at UITF

Viewer/Camera combos (13: same number)

  • Same in each region, go figure
  • YAG screens at TBD locations, metal markings on rear, metalized face for charge, Marcy getting bids from Radiabeam

BPM's (15, up from 11)

  • Gun to Chopper : increase count by one, and we're thinking on a standardized 2.5" OD w/ Haimson for first three after gun
  • Chopper to Booster : increase count by three, Phil is tallying available spare cans, need another BPM crate?!? :(

Harps (2, down from 3)

  • Gun to Chopper - one harp, removed an unpowered harp)
  • Spectrometer - retain harp

Current monitored apertures (8: same number)

  • Retain two insertable Faraday cups (PCUP, FC1); retain same hardware crash inhibit function
  • Retain some one spectrometer dump (DL)
  • A1 = retain, but would like remote linear control (has manual linear control)
  • A2 = retain as-is, PSS function
  • MS = retain, improve linear bellows
  • A3 = retain, as-is PSS function
  • A4 = retain, as-is PSS function

Grounded apertures (4: same number)

  • Chopping apertures A,B,C on improved linear bellows assembly, with new stepper controls
  • Central plug

Cavity monitors (1: reduced by 1)

  • Gun to chopper - Remove Brock cavity
  • Chopper to booster - Retain YAO cavity

RF (same, w/o capture)

  • Prebuncher - existing SS or new Cu cavity; will need new amplifier, evaluating in GPT then convert to gradient/Watts
  • Choppers 1/2 - same, new spare amplifiers purchased already
  • Buncher - retain
  • Warm capture - remove
  • SRF - replace 5+5 w/ 2+7

PSS (same number)

  • PSS kicker, retain - verify good for 200 keV at proposed location
  • A3/A4 - retain as-is
  • 500 keV dipole - modify limits for 200 + buncher keV inj seg mode only, and if dipole height increased

Vacuum valves (7, increased by 1)

  • Gun to chopper - same three valves, but last viton valve VBV0I02 will become 2-3/4" all metal
  • Chopper to booster - increase w/ new viton valve after chopper to improve vacuum isolation for venting chopper
  • Spectrometer - retain valve

Vacuum ion pumps (17, reduce by 4)

  • Gun to chopper - retain same number, using UHV supplies
  • Chopping chamber - retain chopper cavities, reduce pump on chamber
  • Chopper to booster - reduce by 4, should all be on capture
  • Spectrometer - retain 1

Bullets from last meeting...

  • New 200kV small shed cathode electrode at machine shop (like electron at UITF)
  • New gun 10" anode flange being designed to locate a steering coil closer to the gun
  • Phil/Marcy starting to NEG coat vacuum chambers; need a 1kW sputtering PS that works (1 kV, 1 mA)
  • PO for 200 kV injector solenoids written (delivery April - June)
  • Shaun designed alignment fixture for new beam line solenoids
  • PO for 200 kV Wien magnet coils written (delivery March)
  • Success applying +/- 20kV to UITF Wien! Testing w/ better vacuum comes next...
  • PO to be written for new 15 deg dipole next week
  • Chase assigning new names for dipole and solenoids
  • Starting to study which laser vacuum window to use 2-3/4" as-is, or 4-1/2"
  • Curt waiting on kV spec for prebuncher @ 200 kV, for Watt in S.S. cavity
  • Reza/Alicia/Dennis evaluating re-ordering of layout
  • Looking at installing valve downstream of chopper #2 this down, possibly during fc#1 repair
  • Gary Cheng inquiring about checking cryo lines between QCM and Booster
  • 5D beam line will be removed
  • Neil/Anthony working plan to build table to move QCM/Booster




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