Matsusada Wein Filter Power supplies 2018

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This page describes the implementation of the Matsusada 0-30kV power supplies for driving the Wein filter high voltage plates.

We attempt to purchase systems completely off-the-shelf as much as possible for this application. It may look like something of a rats nest of serial, fiber optic, and interface cables, but that is how it comes from Matsusada. The serial cable from the Digiport server does not go directly to the power supplies. Instead it goes to a serial to optical converter box. The reason behind converting to optical is so the DAQ system can be galvanically isolated from the power supplies. This ensures that any noise on the digital side is not transferred to the analog outputs, and any noise that might be created on the analog outputs will not affect the digital side.

The optical-GPIB units communicate independently of the power supplies, not just a pass-through. They continue communicating, even sending status information when the supplies are off/disconnected. The remote/local status relates to the units, not the supplies.

The first five DIP switch settings on each unit sets the address. Switch 8 means upstream link (first in chain). Unit 1 should set switches 1 & 8, unit 2 should set switch 2. Our setup is most like page 9 of the CO series manual.

Output cable quote. Cable custom made by Dielectric Sciences Media:cable quote.pdf

Power Supply Purchase Order Media:JeffersonLabAE09062017-1.pdf

Matsusada specs sheet Media:Af_ae.pdf The HV power supplies are rated 30 kV, 1 mA

CO series communication controller overview Media:CO series communication controller.pdf

CO series manual Media:CO series REV 0.4.pdf

AE series manual Media:AE series REV 0.0.pdf

Wein HV system control side wiring diagram Media:WEIN HV SYSTEM WIRING DIAGRAM.pdf

Wein HV system High Voltage side wiring diagram Media:WEIN HV switch.pdf

GigaVac HV switch datasheet Media:Gigavac.pdf

Note: dwg file of WEIN HV system wiring diagram stored at:

O:\inj_group\Official Electronic Design Packages\Wein HV 2018 design package