May 13, 2016 - Mott Group Meeting

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We will meet Friday, May 13 at Noon EST in TL-2236.


  • Recap of G4Mott discussion and plans moving forward
  • Documenting polarimeter construction
  • Status of dipole magnet field
  • Status on electron beam measurements for Runs I and II
  • Important future dates (SPIN 2016, Marty's defense, self-imposed deadline to submit Phys. Rev. C)

Analysis Plan Sequence

  1. (Joe) - finalize polarimeter geometry and detector acceptance.
  2. (Joe, Riad) finalize dipole map and compute beam momentum for Runs I/II
  3. (Xavi) Calculate the final tables of S(E,q,DE,Dq) needed for the simulation and analysis results.
  4. (Marty) Document Geant4 Mott package, cross-train, implement Xavi's tables for final simulation, provide tech-support
  5. (Tim, Marcy, Dan) Complete experimental asymmetry vs. target thickness for Runs I/II; summarize S_effective vs. thickness for Run I/II
  6. (Daniel) Revisit asymmetry vs. energy results
  7. (Daniel, Riad) Rate analysis for Runs I/II

Blue Jeans and Wiki

Toll Free Phone number: 1-888-240-2560
Int'l Call Phone numbers:
Meeting ID: 618889275#
Web connection for desktop sharing: