Meeting 6/23/22 - COMTRA

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6/23/22 Minutes

ME - BNL/JLAB stand solution, Collimator
  • Stand update ...
  • Collimator ... we cannot find it, will need to make from existing stock, Greg will tell us the ID
Magnet - Steel fab and first winding
Detector - BGO shipment, box fab, PMT status
  • BGO - DHL notice yesterday, should arrive in Richmond 6/28 from Germany
  • Box in fabrication. It is likely that we will assemble them at IJCLab and send them mounted to JLab, This should save a bit of time.
  • We also order the screw (~400 for the both boxes).
  • The connectors (SHV and BNC) are already at Orsay and Thi is connecting them on the cables.
  • Components for the PMT bases have been ordered.
  • PMT order status ...
DAQ - ItoV decision
What else?
  • NIM paper - Riad's good idea - some of us will draft an outline in overleaf, later we'll look for short technical descriptions/results,
  • Manual - More of an operational document to augment NIM paper technical description