Meeting 6/29/22 - COMTRA

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6/29/22 Updates...

  • Stands - Last week we said 'pull the trigger' on UITF stand (has been purchased?), later will order stand for BNL => Where is PR?
  • Collimator - Last week Riad provided drawing, found material but does not know if OHFC. Need (2) per this drawing. media:JL0015777_Cu_collimator.pdf What about ID hole???
  • Absorbers - Christine provided drawing 6/3, I forgot to act on this! Need (6) per this drawing => media:Absorber - 240 D 001 14_V4.pdf
Analyzing Magnet
  • BGO crystals - Arrived in Richmond, Deringer controls paperwork, 6/28 proceeding for ground DHL to JLab date
  • PMT status - (4) Hamamatsu tubes w/ magnetic shield, PR 6/1, PO 6/2, due 8/2 or earlier =>
  • PMT base status?
  • Detector box status?
  • PMT-5R ItoV amplifier with remote control - 6/23 CC order placed to Advanced Instruments Corp, delivery date TBD
What else?
  • NIM paper - Riad's good idea - some of us will draft an outline in overleaf, later we'll look for short technical descriptions/results,
  • Manual - More of an operational document to augment NIM paper technical description