Meeting 9/15/22 - COMTRA

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Thursday's @ 9am EDT by Zoom

Readiness Updates

  • ME/Layout
    • updated songsheet and quick reference, matching UED
    • dimensions when needed for S&A or Greg's Geant4 model
    • RadCon approval for lead wall, and experiment hut
  • Experiment components
    • collimator installed and alignment
    • magnet measurement, status for install
    • detector assembly, fiducialization
  • I&C jobs
    • Remote motion control for aperture (otherwise do by hand w/ access)
    • Attach current monitors to aperture and dump
    • Plumb LCW for current monitor and dump
    • Pull 6 fibers from DAQ to mezzanine
    • Align x-ray camera for x-ray card after collimator
  • DAQ/Controls

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