Mott Analysis

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Data Files

 CODA writes the data to this disk: /data/mott

Analyze a run

 In the directory: /work/idaq/Mott/Analysis/decoder/
 Type: ./fadc_decode_Source fullpath/filename [Option(s)]
 Or: RunNumber [Option(s)]

Usage = ./ RunNumber -Ped -Debug -Trig x -PedFile x -S1 -Farm -Del x -960Hz -LVoff file or run# -Outputs directory

                -Ped       : Pedestal subtraction active with default files
                -Debug     : Debugging mode, saves all channels to ntuple
                -Trig x    : x=1=Detector, x=2=nT_Settle 
                -PedFile x : Pedestal subtraction with a specific file
                -S1        : Inclusion of scaler S1 data
                -Farm      : Farm option, NO pedestal subtraction 
                -Del x     : x=0 No Delay, x=8 8-window delay 
                -960Hz     : Frequency set to 960Hz, default is 30Hz
                -LVoff     : PMT Low voltage OFF, set to ON by default
                -Outputs   : Set the output directory for the .root and .txt files

Analysis Macros

Simple commands to plot data:
root [1] T->Draw("Sample_CH1:Iteration$","","*l",10,100)
root [2] T->Draw("RingScaler_CH4:Entry$","","*l",100,1000)
root [3] T->Draw("TDC18-TDC17")

There are several macros to be used for the analysis. All are in opsmdaq1 in the directory:

To plot the Mott FADC Pedestals:
[102] idaq@opsmdaq1 > root
root [0] .L FADC_Ped.C
root [1] FADC_Ped t
Enter Run Number: 
root [2] t.Loop()
To calculate Mott Asymmetries:
[102] idaq@opsmdaq1 > root
root [0]  .L MottAsym.C
root [1]  MottAsym t
Enter Run Number: 
root [2] t.Loop()

Analysis Help

  • ROOT provides a utility that generates a skeleton class designed to loop over the entries of the tree:
 root [0] TFile *f = new TFile("Mott_Sample_7231_0.root");
 root [1] T->MakeClass("MyClass")
 Files: MyClass.h and MyClass.C generated from Tree: T

MSS and Farm

  • From jlabl2, do: ssh ifarm to access ifarm1101, the interactive front end for the CentOS 6.2 farm.
  • MSS: The archive location of the Stub Files is: /mss/accel/peppo/raw
 Old files (before May 2012, Run Number < 4,000): /mss/accel/positron/PEPPo or /mss/accel/positron/mott
  • To get files from MSS:
 jget /mss/accel/peppo/raw/Mott_Sample_7231.dat.0
 The file will be copied from tape to the cache area: /cache/mss/accel/peppo/raw
  • Work Disk: /work/accel/peppo
  • Erica Fanchini is keeping the latest decoder at: /work/accel/peppo/Analysis/decoder/
  • Scratch Disk: /scratch