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[[Ionization Effects Meetings | Return to Ionization Effects Meetings]]
[[Ionization Effects Meetings | Return to Ionization Effects Meetings]]
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Notes from Joe:

  • In general, we should use model field maps that extend at least to the vacuum surfaces, so that particles don't not particles do not "unphysically" escape.
  • We'll use the gun, solenoid, and dipole field maps josh provides
  • We'll use the corrector field maps cristhian provides
  • Joe will work w/ or designer to make a mechanical layout that shows transverse dimensions of vacuum surface along the beam line
  • We'll try to add the dipole to gpt w/ unrotated coordinate system, compare with travel and elegant to make sense that we're modeling same geometry
  • Carlos will put cornell paper on beam potential and beam gaps on wiki
  • Josh will check if gpt does provide useful information on killed particles, i.e. positions/energies
  • We'll meet again in two weeks 12/6

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