November 12, 2019 - AIPINJ modeling meeting

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Booster region
  • Status update evaluating desired buncher location?
Gun to Chopper Model
  • Start with the functional layout (sequence is important, maintain prebuncher near center of gun-chopper) see layouts here
  • Use "tee" electrode field map (what is extent of R,Z in model?) see types here
  • 15 deg bend - Implement new model (note, there are air- and steel- models) media:191112_15bend.pdf media:191111_JB_15dipole.pdf
  • Wien filter - Old and new models should be similar (yes?), but do we implement new model new model
  • Should we identify match point after gun (for Elegant) and before chopper (for GPT simulations)
Prebuncher at 130 kV and 200 kV
  • Can prebuncher operate in new location @ 130 keV?
  • What power level is needed @ 200 keV?