November 18, 2020 - Weekly ME meeting

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Meeting Info =

We will meet Thursday @ 10am EDT via BlueJeans
Meeting URL (for video and/or audio call in):
Phone number (for audio call in): 1-888-240-2560
Meeting ID: 909497334#
Passcode : 2864   (anybody can then start the meeting)

Meeting November 19

Mechanical installation status
  • Gun feet are ready.....NEXT Install moves gun table to feet
  • 2I plate drilled.....NEXT Install moves 2I magnet fixture to pedestal
  • Y pedestals ready, Shaun has (3) pins for cartridges....NEXT Install moves Y-chamber to pedestals
  • Wien pedestals aligned, grouted.....NEXT need (3) cartridge pins + Wien girder (100" + 1000 lb)
  • A1/A2 pedestals aligned, grouted....NEXT need (3) cartridge pins + A1A2 girder (70" + 800 lb)
  • Any concern adding LCW manifold, air manifold, cable tray to pedestals???
Viewer rebuild status
Y-chamber build
  • (2) rebuilt viewers + NEG + laser window + IP + Gun3 valve + vee blocks
  • Test viewer in/out stroke when chamber under vacuum
Prebuncher cavity
  • clean/dry, re-test freq, set length, weld flange
  • Build 2nd cavity (Mark says OK, but w/ update port print and two-step braze)
Wien filter (on-going)
  • (Status) Cut/drill/finish hose clamps for vee-block vacuum/beam tube components support, Shaun give us lengths, CIS to shop
  • (Status) 3rd set of blue Wien plates in the shop
Dummy Cube (on-going)
A1 cube (on-going)
  • (Status...) Waiting on A1/A2 fixtures, due early week of 11/16
  • (Done) Leak check
  • Scott is back on Thu, he can test drive aperture up/down, same thing, no probs, no shorts.
A2 cube (on-going)
  • (Status...) Waiting on A1/A2 fixtures, due early week of 11/16
  • (Done) leak check
  • insert aperture, check stroke works okay, no shorts, I'd wait for coils before finalizing with S&A
DR magnet (after Thanksgiving)
  • Full magnet (2 halves) at MMF, Milhous winding second magnet now
  • Test setup : magnet + 3" pipe + screws + shims media:201118_MDRshim.pdf
PSS kicker status
  • (Status) Danny ordered 5" spool
  • (Status) started on PSS kicker magnet drawings
  • (Status) From Lakshmi (11/5)
PSS kicker magnet design complete; presented to ME and PSS group (Oct 30).
3D NX models are in Team Center and provided all required info to ME( Nov 2).
Awaiting the basic draft drawings of the coil and bobbin to get the price quote from the magnet manufacturer ( Need a week according to DM).
Gathering documents for the PO.
Already contacted four companies as part of the pre-quote inquiry.
Awaiting the circuit diagram and transient characteristics data from JK.
QW assembly/testing (is there a drawing package)
  • (Status) a few drawings checked, waiting on fixes.
  • (Arrived) Wien quad crosses shipped 11/4 from CA
  • (Status) Wien quad mounting hardware due 11/18
  • (Status) Wien quad coils due 11/20
  • Danny recommends:
fit up be done on all of the assemblies prior to welding on the conflats.
fitted assemblies should then be match marked
  • Magnetic measurements can happen on 1 article, prior to welding
  • Make up (6) crosses (4 for CEBAF, 2 for UITF)
General Wien girder build update
  • Was girder QA'd?
General A1/A2 girder build update
  • Was girder QA'd?
  • (Status) bellows spool through the MFX solenoid on the aperture girder shipped wednesday
Remaining Jobs
2	Will NEG fit 25 l/sec IP on Y => Marcy will check, ask for ENG help if needed
13	MHD + MQW protective clamp shells => down the road
15	DR 15 deg dipole (backup) => FY21 budget updated
ME drawings
  1. wien filter cross sub-assy - DONE
  2. wien filter cross assy
  3. wien filter girder sub-assy
  4. wien filter girder assy
  5. pss kicker magnet
  6. pss kicker magnet assy
  7. aperture girder sub-assy - DONE
  8. aperture girder assy
  9. MHD protective clamp
  10. MQW protective clamp
  11. tunnel installation drawings
  12. bread board enclosure
  13. ion pump supports - DONE, ordered due week 11/23
  14. MDR shims - DONE
  15. MQW mounting structure - DONE, ordered due around Turkey-Day
  16. Update Wien magnet/chamber drawings to reflect as-built
  17. Update viewer assembly to call out the spring we use for reliable in/out