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* Mott Analysis Update - [[media:Moser_Mott_Nov1915.pdf|Slides]]
* Mott Analysis Update - [[media:Moser_Mott_Nov1915.pdf|Slides]]
* All Foils Half Sigma Slices - [[media:Half_sigma_slices_run2.pdf|PDF]] [[media:half_sigma_run2_table.odt|Table]]
* All Foils Half Sigma Slices - [[media:Half_sigma_slices_run2.pdf|PDF]] , [[media:half_sigma_run2_table.odt|Table]]
* All Foils Half Sigma Slices [[media:Half_sigma_slices_run2_data.ods|data]]
* All Foils Half Sigma Slices [[media:Half_sigma_slices_run2_data.ods|data]]

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Let's meet this Thursday November 19 at 1pm EST in TL-2236 for any updates to our paper writing or Run II analysis to-do list (shown below).

To Do list from Oct 27

  1. (Joe) summarize process and results to measure beam energy
  2. (Joe) what photocathode did we use for Run I?
  3. (Daniel, Riad, Tim, Marcy) Corroborate the Lebow and FESEM measurements with foil rate measurements to assign X-axis and uncertainty for each foil
  4. (Tim) Explore and recommend heuristic fit approach for target thickness
  5. (Riad) Incorporate energy spread correction in data analysis
  6. (Daniel) Summarize Run II with cuts (T=+/- 2sigma, E=-1:3 sigma)
  7. (Daniel) Compute asymmetry is 0.5 sigma slices to explore dependence and determine appropriate energy cut
  8. (Marty, Tim, Riad, Joe) - Resolve approach for second scattering distribution

Blue Jeans and Wiki

Toll Free Phone number: 1-888-240-2560
Int'l Call Phone numbers: http://bluejeans.com/numbers
Meeting ID: 534098487#
Web connection for desktop sharing: https://bluejeans.com/534098487
Wiki: https://wiki.jlab.org/ciswiki/index.php/November_19,_2015_-_Mott_Group_Meeting



  • Mott Analysis Update - Slides
  • All Foils Half Sigma Slices - PDF , Table
  • All Foils Half Sigma Slices data