November 19, 2015 - Mott Group Meeting

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Let's meet this Thursday November 19 at 1pm EST in TL-2236 for any updates to our paper writing or Run II analysis to-do list (shown below).

To Do list from Oct 27

  1. (Joe) summarize process and results to measure beam energy Media:151119_Mott_Grames.pptx
  2. (Joe) what photocathode did we use for Run I? Media:RunIRunII.xlsx
  3. (Daniel, Riad, Tim, Marcy) Corroborate the Lebow and FESEM measurements with foil rate measurements to assign X-axis and uncertainty for each foil Media:rate_thickness.pptx
  4. (Tim) Explore and recommend heuristic fit approach for target thickness
  5. (Riad) Incorporate energy spread correction in data analysis
  6. (Daniel) Summarize Run II with cuts (T=+/- 2sigma, E=-1:3 sigma)
  7. (Daniel) Compute asymmetry is 0.5 sigma slices to explore dependence and determine appropriate energy cut
  8. (Marty, Tim, Riad, Joe) - Resolve approach for second scattering distribution Media:Mott Geant4 Tech Note v2.pdf

Blue Jeans and Wiki

Toll Free Phone number: 1-888-240-2560
Int'l Call Phone numbers:
Meeting ID: 534098487#
Web connection for desktop sharing:



  • Mott Analysis Update - Slides
  • All Foils Half Sigma Slices - PDF , Table
  • All Foils Half Sigma Slices data