November 5, 2020 - Weekly ME meeting

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Meeting Info =

We will meet Thursday @ 10am EDT via BlueJeans
Meeting URL (for video and/or audio call in):
Phone number (for audio call in): 1-888-240-2560
Meeting ID: 909497334#
Passcode : 2864   (anybody can then start the meeting)

Meeting November 5

Next week's installation jobs
  • Gun table => new foot locations marked, ready
  • 2I pedestal => pedestal doesn't move, Shaun tells us stand/plate modifications
  • Y chamber pedestals => they remain, Phil cuts off all but 1/4" downstream side of 1st pedestal
  • Wien + A1/A2 pedestals => due when?, weld certification, install/align/grout
Rebuilding viewers
  • Cylinders and rods are the same
  • Compressed spring length is root cause of discrepancy
Wien filter
  • Is there enough space to remove magnet steel when on fixture
PSS kicker status
Prebuncher cavity
  • mini-CF leaks (some concern braze leaks), cut off needs to be re-welded
  • Haipeng/Mark may recommend longer tube length first
Cube assembly/testing (is there a drawing package)
  • We have (2) cubes with vertical tubes welded for apertures
  • We have (1) spare cube w/o vertical tube (can be used for testing)
  • Each radial face has unique part w/ tapped holes for MHD we have (3) each
Top = spacer goes over vertical tube
Bottom = vacuum blank with tube and flange for support (yes); does this get welded?
Right = fits over 2-3/4" flange for capictorr-100
Left = fits over tube w/ 2-3/4" flange for ion pump
QW assembly/testing (is there a drawing package)
  • Wien quad crosses shipped 11/4 from CA
  • Wien quad mounting hardware due 11/18
  • Wien quad coils due 11/20
  • Danny recommends:
fit up be done on all of the assemblies prior to welding on the conflats.
fitted assemblies should then be match marked
  • Magnetic measurements can happen on 1 article, prior to welding
  • Make up (6) crosses (4 for CEBAF, 2 for UITF)

Meeting October 30

10/30 - From Danny
  1. about to order PSS kicker spool piece.
  2. tunnel installation info given to S&A.
  3. buncher-conflat flanges welded on. next, leak check and then final RF measurements.
  4. A1/A2 cubes, flanges welded on? phil.
  5. A1/A2 support spool, welded? phil
  6. working on assembly drawings. MQW cross, aperture girder.
  7. reducer bellows spool pieces for A1/A2 cubes shipped monday.
10/29 - From Joe & Mike - magnet status
  1. FX & FY solenoids (Everson Tesla): 3 MFX completed and ready. 7 solenoids queued for measurement at a later date.
  2. DR dipole (Milhous): The 2nd half of the first article has been shipped and waiting on its arrival.
  3. HD (Technicoil): Coils are completed and delivered to our S&R dept. They will bring them to our shop either on Friday or Monday. Lakshmi - Wednesday will be a good day if you want to come over and see the coils.
  4. QW (Technicoil): Danny followed up with Dale at Technicoil. Magnet delivery is on schedule.
  5. The second WIEN has been successfully built and pass all acceptance testing, whole magnet complete as well @ 500V <.2uA. So, in short ( no pun intended) all great and we have 2 built up WIEN dipoles.
  6. Also, have the horz. article roughed in on 3m test stand (as shown).
  7. Had meeting with DC power today (Jason), they are in the process of trying to get us going with new trim power supply by first part of next week. As soon as they complete their work we will begin power supply commissioning/testing, then move into mapping the first Horz article.
10/30 - From Neil
  1. mMy preference would be to install the stands, have them align, grout them whichever need grouting, clean up the area then install the pieces that are ready (The Gun (4 pads) + NEG tube (1 stand) + Y-chamber girder (2 pedestals) get install). We will get the rest when they become available.
10/23 - From Danny - on A1/A2 cube
  1. the cubes are ready from the machine shop.
  2. next step is cleaning and welding on the flanges.
  3. maybe labeling them if the shop did not.
  4. phil will pick up for clean and weld
10/23 - From Danny - on installation
  1. the wien filter girder and aperture girder and pedestals are done.
  2. working the Y chamber and gun locations.
  3. we have a 2mm discrepancy on Z locations that we want to resolve.
  4. that's not really holding us up, since we would adjust the coordinate numbers after we resolve it. so probably beginning of next week.
10/22 - From Scott - on prebuncher
  1. Buncher Cavity #1 is complete from a brazing stand point has been successfullyleaktested.
  2. If someone would like to proceed with internal inspections prior to welding conflats on, cavity can be picked up in the Brazing Facility.


Meeting October 22

From Neil
  1. They are available to help with installation jobs with ~couple days notice
From Chris
  1. They are available - need ME numbers ~couple days in advance
  2. Spool piece connecting Y-chamber to BPM just upstream of solenoid has an angle. Should mark it.
  3. Gun table position as found completed 10/21/20.
  4. Solenoid pedestal as found positions provided to Shawn, will send to Danny too.
From Danny
  1. special cross for QWs on schedule for november 10th.
  2. reducer bellows spools are late and are now promised for october 26th and november 2.
  3. A1 and A2 cubes in shop for tube end machining.
  4. buncher final brazing completed, ready for leak check. Flanges need to be welded on in preparation for RF testing. Phil to check with Scott Williams about parts UHV cleaning.
  5. A2 assembly drawing released.
  6. wien filter one piece electrode order placed
  7. buncher, brazing finished and leaktight. next, maybe borescope inspection. then cleaning and welding on of conflat flanges.
  8. from shaun, girders on schedule for 11/18 delivery.

3from shaun, pedestals on schedule for 11/10 delivery.

From Keith
  1. Delivery date for (6) one piece Wien electrodes is Nov 18
From Mike
  1. For the first magnet (Vertical Wien) coil fit up to core, it went as outlined. Conducted hipot testing every step of the way, as coils were being installed. A few problems with small shorts were becoming a problem as there was light scraping of coil epoxy to get coils into core, just enough to remove a speck of epoxy here and there mostly in corner regions and cause small shorts. Decided to remove first coil and line magnet core with .003" Kapton tape to all surfaces where coil would make contact with magnet core. Re-installed coil, as these babies are extremely tight fit as we knew would be the case after QA that was completed months ago. This worked very well and got clean hipots at 500V with <.2uA leakage. Repeated same process for the other magnet half, with same success. Modified all aluminum end plates to fit and wrapped with Kapton tape and installed. After complete magnet build with chamber installed, installed insulation and lead lugs to all conductors. Attached to terminal block and conducted another final whole magnet hipot and it was successful @ 500V <.2uA leakage for completed magnet assy. We will be color coding the leads after mapping, as per my discussion with Carlos yesterday. Craned the completed first article to 5m test stand and we installed the end plates with small bore hole in middle of plate, so this first article is ready for the stand next week.
  2. As for the second article (Horizonal Wien) same process with coil/magnet build up now have good clean hipots on both top and bottom sections. The problem on this second article was the SS ears on vacuum chamber (interference with matting surface) and the thickness of the alum end plates. So reached out to Carlos and Vince to come out to shop so I could go over problem areas and provide what I considered a fair resolution and have a little team brainstorming. They both liked the ideas and apparently were going to get Joe/Danny to bless. Looks like that was achieved and the shop is making the needed modifications. Will pick up chamber and alum end plates when machining is completed.
  3. All in all, great progress as we are plotting along very nicely and we are engineering on the fly with calculated and proven methods or simply measure tres and cut once!
From Joe Meyers
  1. Second half of 15deg bending dipole being shipped, expected next week at the Lab. Plan is to hippo and map next week along with Wiens. Joe will provide qualifying info to Jay and too Lalshmi. Important to check second half matching to first half, and compare B vs I and field map to Model. This will define any potential modifications for second magnet.
  2. Technicoil is ready to ship HD magnets next week.
From Lakshmi

Presented the PSS kicker coil design variation and three conductor options to JG and JK (10/19). Awaiting decision on hardware ( expected by the end of this week) to help finalize the new design.

Meeting October 15

From Joe, here is the latest on the AIPINJ magnets (priorities #5, #4, #2, #3, #1)
  • FX & FY solenoids (Everson Tesla): Mike QC’d the last shipment of magnets and spare coils. They passed and we have accepted all 10 solenoids and 4 coils. All ETI measurement data is within the +/-5 G-cm requirement. Will send out to Jay and Lakshmi. Invoices have been approved and paid. The tooling was also shipped and can be stored with us if needed.
  • DR dipole (Milhous): The 2nd half of the first article is being wound. ETA is next week. Will look to put on measurement stand ASAP.
  • HD (Technicoil): Stainless bobbins completed. Starting winding. On schedule to be finished by 10/23.
  • QW (Technicoil); No updates; will follow-up with Technicoil.
  • Wien Dipole (Carlos): Wien cores delivered to MMF shop. Mike will start the coil fit-up process with coils and vacuum chamber next week (10/19-10/23). Mike performs final assembly and measurements first two weeks of Nov. (11/3-11/13).
PSS kicker
  • Lakshmi completing analysis (due latest Monday) on PSS kicker using 3 types of conductor (reason for add'l work is long lead time availability of Plan A wire)
  • Jerry providing input on PSS power supply
  • We'll evaluate options and schedule soon, then pick a direction

Meeting October 8

Component status
Wien quads => due 11/20
Wien quads fixture parts => incomplete
Wien quad crosses => due 10/30
Wien quad tapped flanges => due 10/14
Wien filter fixtures => due 8/21 (????)
Wien filter rebuild => Carlos' 8-week rebuild => both due by 11/30 for HV testing
Wien viewer extension shafts => We have those
Prebuncher cavity => on track for 11/1
Prebuncher amp => due 10/29
Viewer plates and top hats => completed
Chromox viewers => due 10/8
Parts to rebuild remaining viewers => from Tony?
A1/A2 fixture parts => due 10/30
A1/A2 cube mods => completed
A1/A2 spools => due 9/25 (delivered?)
MHD coils => due 10/23
Girders => signed 9/22, due 10/ 11/18
Pedestals => due 11/10
Gamma Ion Pumps => due 11/2
Lesker flanges => due 10/16
15 deg DR magnet => due 7/10 :(
Remaining Jobs
0      Layout & Points for Gun table + 2I pedestal => top priority
1	Viewer assembly fixture => Marcy has one, would like if a lighter color
2	Will NEG fit 25 l/sec IP on Y => Marcy will check, ask for ENG help if needed
3	Viewer garage dwg => Shaun gave to Danny
4	wien filter electrodes 1 piece => Keith getting ready to place order
5	A1/A2 assembly drawing => Shaun gave to Danny
6	MQW cross assembly/mounting parts => See Danny on Monday
7	PSS kicker magnet => Lakshmi will seutp meeting w/ Jerry/Joe is PLan A OK?
8	finish pre-buncher fab/weld => JOe to check
9	Wien filter girder assembly dwg => Gary updated.....give to Danny?
10	Aperture girder assembly dwg => Gary updated....give to Danny?
11	laser table/encl  => down the road
12	Installation drawings => Shaun still working on this...
13	MHD + MQW protective clamp shells => down the road
14	DR 15 deg dipole shim => Joe!!!
15	DR 15 deg dipole (backup) => FY21 budget updated