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=== Slides ===
=== Slides ===
* [[file:2017Nov8_MottAnalysis.pdf]]  
* [[media:2017Nov8_MottAnalysis.pdf]]
=== Blue Jeans  ===
=== Blue Jeans  ===

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Let's meet on Thursday, November 9 @ 3pm EST. We will be in TL-1227 and BlueJeans info below.

My position is that in order to wrap-up the paper we collectively will come into some agreement on how to address the following items (cuts, fits, simulation) and consensual understanding of the theory. With this in hand, I believe it should be a relatively straight forward path for Charlie to be able to wrap-up a complete first draft and circulate.

At the risk of expressing my poor memory, personal bias or something else, I thought it would be helpful if I provoked discussion by showing a few slides on these topics, also summarizing how I imagine these issues all tie together, so that you all have a starting point to comment, correct, express how we should proceed. To prepare, I am working with Daniel on the cuts piece, Xavier on the theory piece, and re-re-re-reading Marty's simulation notes.

But, I really think it's important we end the meeting with some plan A consensus how to tie this together, what (if any) additional work is needed to provide Charlie with material to complete the draft, and a time line. That's the plan .... I think.

Finally, I will say a few words about the review article to which I am writing about the Mott ... it is a big frustration to me that it will almost certainly go public before the Mott paper, but that's life...however, I would like to have a few minutes to discuss this.


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