Oct 13, 2021 - Group Meeting

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Meeting Coordinates
  • Papers - by the holiday break submit to your favorite journal
    • Biased anode, Joe
    • Green fiber laser, Shukui
    • GTS magnetized beam paper, Riad
    • Wien filter, Carlos
  • Students...
    • Josh should submit his PhD by winter break
    • Sami Habet from University of Paris arrives on Monday, Joe will supervise him on positrons
    • Joseph Maniscalco arrives soon, Matt will supervise him on vacuum
    • Jai Bae from Cornell University will visit in November?-December? for UITF photocathode lifetime studies
    • Student X arrives for photocathodes, Marcy? or Matt? will supervise X
    • Student Y for linac gas bremsstrahlung experiment?
  • Status of SPIN2021 talks - dry run anyone?
  • Action items for next Wednesday's 18" gun meeting
    • final? plan on future of gun chamber vacuum work : NEG coat, when 1400's arrive, ports assigned
    • invite Danny/Shaun to review vacuum chamber modifications?
    • electrostatic model/input for NEG shields
    • update or action items on cathode/anode electrostatic and beam modeling (Gabriel/Max)
  • Group photo - when are we all in town? ever?
  • Quick round table
Standing Links