Oct 4, 2021 - Tune Mode Generator

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Monday 10/4 @ 9am.

We'll be in TL-2236 and/or join by bluejeans: https://bluejeans.com/7572697097

Follow-up from meeting today

  1. Add tee on C macropulse TTL output to high-impedance input network scope to MCC for Ops => to log image when problem occurs
  2. Patch power meter head by spare cable to ISB scope => to observe fast transitions of laser power when problem occurs?
  3. Compare wiring of Hall C RTP HV cable, are polarity leads reversed or different than others => to look for ground issue
  4. Observe fast 20ns fast transition and hold ~100 msec when going from CW to beam sync => to test HV driver
  5. Leave C in CW for extended period of time, than test TM/VL modes and the fast 20ns transition => test if a HV driver chip heating issue
  6. Setup TMG taken from tunnel w/ same experience, test output into 1000:1 divider
  7. Swamp SCAM module in the ISB => change in behavior, also monitor macropulse output
  8. Swap RTP cell => use spare or UITF cell => tests if we have an intermittent issue with RTP cell, maybe happens when RTP is OFF (i.e. CW) extended period