October 28, 2020 - Wien HV controls update meeting

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File:HV Controls update meeting Oct 28 2020.pptx

HV and interlock cables:

* Old Wien HV cables have been disconnected  but still in place
* Gun2 and Gun3 HV cables removed. Conduit to be reused for running new Wien HV cables from ISB to tunnel
* HV cables have been staged at ISB
* Electricians to re-conduit top of Wien HV controls rack to top of IN01B01 to run each pair of HV cables through each conduit
* Cables for interlocks are ready, still deciding if they will be run through same conduit or outside of conduit through penetration

HV switcher box:

* There is no status from HV switch box to prevent switching when HV is present.
* Chassis for two CEBAF units are on order. Main components gigavac switches are on hand.
* Test fixture with voltage divider expected to be ready for week of Nov 2 test in UITF
* HV switchbox needs to be inspected by B. Rodriguez. Tony to follow up on this. Should inspect UITF prototype too.

DIO and ADC:

* S. Windham has identified 2 input, 2 output and 4 ADC channels using existing VME cards. Will need to touch base with Tony and Keith to fully understand the signals will be coming from the comm chassis (Wien side)

Matsusada HV Power Supplies:

* Plan for week of Nov 9: Wire up PS and install comm chassis to start testing communications. Work on this while switcher box is being built

Communications chassis:

* Digiport already installed and functional in Wien HV rack 
* S. Windham will connect the comms chassis to the digiport week on Nov 2

Digiport server and ioc:

* S. Windham installed digiport in Wien rack. Digiport is functional.
* Iocsoftinj3 presently running in ISB. Connection is in place.

Controls and High Level Apps:

* Gary and Michele have a detailed plan on how to set BDL, HV values and polarity for each electrode plate and in each Wien. Handling will be done through ioc rather than by injector steering script as presently done.
* Riad will work with Gary on calculations and  provide more representative Cal names.
* New Cal factors will be provided by Riad/Carlos.
* We would like the ability to enter voltage in volts instead of counts. Do we really need to keep the ability to set voltage by counts? Carlos to check with Joe. (16 bit DAQ)
* Carlos requested controls screen similar to that in UITF Wien for individual controls of voltage for each plate and polarity. 
* Eric to work with Gary/Michele/Riad on screens development

Misc. notes:

* I&C to make a HV controls system diagram for CEBAF similar to the one made for UITF with corresponding  nomenclature.