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Abstract, Intro (obviously)

Ionization Simulations with GPT Custom Element

GPT Description

Ionization Theory

  • Can be pulled from PSTP proceedings and tech notes. Will include:
    • Ionization Cross Section & Production Rate
    • Secondary Electron Differential Cross Section (SEDCS)
    • Ion Energy Distribution (Maxwellian)
    • Momentum/Energy Conservation?

GPT Custom Element Algorithm

  • Description of how the custom element works and is used to simulate ionization
  • Benchmarking with theory and IBSimu (Can be pulled from future GPT/IBSimu paper)...maybe put in the LIfeSize Runs Section?

Biased Anode To Mitigate Ion Back-Bombardment

  • Ion back-bombardment theory & how the biased anode will mitigate it (Can be pulled from PSTP)
  • Summer 2019 Biased Anode Experiments
    • Experiments at CEBAF
    • QE Measurements & Charge Lifetime Analysis
    • QE Scan Analysis
    • GPT Simulations (w/custom element)
    • Results/Discussion
  • Similar for Winter 2019-2020 Experiments?

Analyzing 2017 LifeSize Runs with GPT/IBSimu

  • Description of Experiment
  • Analysis of results with GPT custom element
  • Comparison & benchmarking with IBSimu

Ion Trapping at the Gun Test Stand (GTS)

  • Theory
  • Ion Trapping Experiments - Ghost Beam and Steel Shield
  • GPT Simulations (w/custom element)
  • Results/Discussion

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