PPB - Aug 11, 2021

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Meeting Info

We will meet on Wed (UAS 9am, JLab 11am, IJCLab 5pm)
Bluejeans: https://bluejeans.com/405130883/4307
Code to start the meeting 4307

Aug 11 Agenda

Weekly Objective(s)

  • e+/e- Geant4 output and comparison -Sami & Mark
  • connect with D. Douglas for undulator emittance control-Ryan
  • Include quads after collimator in simulation - Mark
  • Preliminary optimization for simulation with e-/e+ -Mark

Meeting Notes & Objectives Status

  • Dipole straight to dump
  • Target geometry curve, thickness, ect..
  • beam spot size, target rotation averages the target geometry, 100-200 um huge energy
  • quad after collimator
  • cw long bunch issues, chopper cavity