PPB - Feb 17, 2021

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Meeting Info

We will meet on Wed (Mexico 9am, US 11am, France 5pm)
Bluejeans: https://bluejeans.com/164307983
Code to start the meeting 2864


  • None scheduled (yet!)
  • Jiquan - large aperture cavity model for simulations
  • Alicia - range of injector e- beam properties between 0L02 and NL; e.g. "ideal" specs for e+
  • Dennis - range of CEBAF e- beam specs through the machine (linacs, arcs)
  • Joe - testing GPT w/ spin tracking
  • Eric/Sami - Improving positrons datas simulation from GEANT4, - Bibliography about focusing using array of quadrupoles magnets

This and That

  • (done) Joe share Sharepoint link so we can easily share files with one another, remotely too
  • Sami and Eric continue developing polarized cross-section and Geant4 benchmarking, and studies
  • Cristhian is quantifying magnetization and distribution of positrons in solenoid field
  • Alicia post FY solenoid field models for both single and counter wound geometries on sharepoint
  • Joe will do some more GPT spin testing, then Fanglei and Joe will compare Zgoubi and GPT spin tracking, we can use Wien and FY solenoid field models
  • Alicia, Dennis, and Yves are working towards telling the group about desirable CEBAF e- beam parameters and possible limitations/acceptances
  • Jiquan will suggest an RF cavity model with large aperture to use in the positron collection model, post on sharepoint

Future Meetings

  • 2/24 - Bodgan - Concept for co-propagating e-/e+ beams at CEBAF
  • TBD - Alicia - Primer on multi-objective genetic algorithm optimization (MOGA)