PPB - Nov 18, 2020

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Meeting Info

We will meet on Wed (Mexico 10am, US 12pm, France 5pm)
Bluejeans: https://bluejeans.com/164307983


  • Possible CASA support topics => no feedback from Todd
  • Evaluating magnet/collection topics of mutual interest w/ ILC PreLab
  1. polarized e- source (prototype gun/laser)
  2. electron driver for e-driven source (eng. design)
  3. proto-typing magnetic focusing system (FC/Sol, PS, transmission line)
  4. capture cavity (model/sim/eng. design)
  5. booster linac (eng. design)
  • Status of post-doc
  • IJCLab accelerator division support (Hayg Guler, Christelle Bruni)
  • Status of Kuraev et al. calculations
  • Post-doc search for summer/fall 2021

Older note meeting