PPB - Oct 8, 2021

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Meeting Info

We will meet on Wed (UAS 8am, JLab 10am, IJCLab 4pm)
Bluejeans: https://bluejeans.com/405130883/4307
Code to start the meeting 4307

Oct 8 Agenda

  • Round table updates
  • Linux GPT-s complete need to install and check before putting on the farm
  • Unpolarized update- Mark
  • Eric- Last 3 slides relevant to two target system media:4SHAS.pptx
  • Sami- Two target simulation media:.pptx
  • optimization run time 24-48 hrs


  • Mark: produce table for unpolarized simulation results
  • Mark: 500M simulation from GEANT4 in polarized beamline
  • Mark: python/Matlab GPT Plots
  • Mark: Verify Linux GPT -s functions

Meeting Notes & Objectives Status

  • addition of collimation in Sami's simulation.
  • scheme to improve efficiency of distribution and statistics.
  • 123 MeV not enough energy for two target system.
  • begin thinking about 10 GeV concept in the tunnel media:10GeV.png