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* updates from the gang
* updates from the gang
* what we want to do in FY23
* what we want to do in FY23
**[[PPB - Feb 2, 2022]] - Positron Beams Working Group Meeting
** Joe - Houston, we have a plan!  [[media:210202_Positron.pptx]]
===Old Topics===
===Old Topics===

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New Topics

  • e+ source transmission with 7cm and 3.5cm apertures
  • updates from the gang
  • what we want to do in FY23

Old Topics

  • Sami - evaluate e+ yield and final momentum as a function of capture linac parameters (gradient phase aperture) File:QWT 08 31 – Copie – Copie.pptx
  • Yves - begin working on injection/extraction lines from linacs
  • Dennis - update LERF to SL transport line to agree better with the FML costing geometry
  • Alicia - solicited for emission parameters for GPT, building model of Gun through QCM (desired matchpoint)
  • Carlos - evaluate gun voltage and electrode gap for 60 deg and E profiles vs. gap (compared to as built magnetic profile)
  • S&A will plan to measure LERF relative to CEBAF and cryo points for Joe, Kelly will add FML layout to CEBAF and provide Joe Gubeli points for CEBAF
  • Joe Gubeli - would like elegant lines when available, can show them in LERF model
  • Joe/Fanglei/Amy - exchange ideas/options for e+ spin rotator inside LERF
  • Joe - prototype experiment planning media:220831_LERF_injectors.pptx


Workshop on Polarized Sources Targets and Polarimetry (PSTP22) - Mainz, Germany, Sept 26-29 2022 [1]

  • J. Grames, "Spin Polarized Positron Beam Upgrade for Jefferson Lab", Abstract