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Publications and arXiv postings


  • P. Musumeci, C. Boffo, S. S. Bulanov, I. Chaikovska, A. Faus Golfe, S. Gessner, J. Grames, R. Hessami, Y. Ivanyushenkov, A. Lankford, G. Loisch, G. Moortgat-Pick, S. Nagaitsev, S. Riemann, P. Sievers, C. Tenholt, K. Yokoya, Snowmass 2022 White paper - Positron Sources for Future High Energy Physics Colliders https://arxiv.org/pdf/2204.13245 (April 28, 2022)


  • J. Arrington, M. Battaglieri, A. Boehnlein, S.A. Bogacz, W.K. Brooks, E. Chudakov, I. Cloet, R. Ent, H. Gao, J. Grames, L. Harwood, X.Ji, C.Keppel, G.Krafft, R.D. McKeown, J. Napolitano, J.W. Qiu, P. Rossi, M. Schram, S. Stepanyan, J. Stevens, A.P. Szczepaniak, N. Toro, X. Zheng, "Physics with CEBAF at 12 GeV and Future Opportunities" - https://arxiv.org/abs/2112.00060 (Preprint submitted to Progress in Particle and Nuclear Physics, November 30 2021)
  • Alberto Bacci, Francesco Broggi, Vittoria Petrillo, Luca Serafini, "Low Emittance Positron Beam Generation: A Comparison Between Photo-production and Electro-Production", https://arxiv.org/abs/2103.13167 (2021)


JLab Positron PhD Theses

  • (2010, Old Dominion University) Serkan Golge - Unpolarized SRF CW positron source media:PhD_Golge.pdf
  • (2011, Joseph Fourier University) Jonathan Dumas - PEPPo conceptual design media:PhD_Dumas.pdf
  • (2016, Hampton University) Adeleke Adeyemi - PEPPo experimental results media:PhD_Adeyemi.pdf
  • (TBD, University of Paris) Sami Habet - Polarized Positron Beams for Jefferson Lab

Positron LDRD

Conferences, Workshops, Meetings


  • E. Voutier, "Positron Beams at CEBAF : R&D Status and Perspectives", Hall B CLAS Collaboration Meeting (June 21-24, 2022) media:CLAS-0622.pdf
  • Sami Habet et al. "Concept of a Polarized Positron Source for CEBAF", IPAC'22 Thailand Proceedings
  • J. Grames, Ce+BAF : Considerations and Prospects for Polarized (and unpolarized) Positron Beams, J-Future Workshop, Jefferson Lab / Messina University, 28-30 March 2022 workshop website link

Snowmass Polarized Positron Sources Workshop, March 1, 2022 [1]

Snowmass Electron Source Workshop, February 16-18, 2022 [2]


  • J. Grames, Jefferson Lab Accelerator Advisory Committee presentation Slides, December 3 (2021)


  • Jefferson Lab Accelerator Advisory Committee (Oct 20-23) Slides
  • J. Grames Production of Polarized Positrons at Jefferson Lab, CFNS Workshop on Beam Polarization and Polarimetry at EIC ([3]), June 26, 2020 Draft media:CNFS_2020_v2.pptx
  • P. Degtiarenko, J. Kowal, J. Musson, S. Philip, M. Tiefenback, K. Welch, Some Practical Considerations for a Positron Source and Positron Beam Operations at CEBAF, edited J. Grames, May 11 2020 media:PositronConsiderations_FINAL.docx






Technical Reports


  • S. Habet, A. Ushakov, E. Voutier, Angular consitency of the polarization transfer of electromagnetic processes PEPPo-TN-21-01


  • P. Degtiarenko, J. Kowal, J. Musson, S. Philip, M. Tiefenback, K. Welch, (Ed. J. Grames) "Some Practical Considerations for a Positron Source and Positron Beam Operations at CEBAF" JLab Positron Technical Note #001 media:JPTN-001-PositronConsiderations.pdf