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  • Alberto Bacci, Francesco Broggi, Vittoria Petrillo, Luca Serafini, "Low Emittance Positron Beam Generation: A Comparison Between Photo-production and Electro-Production", https://arxiv.org/abs/2103.13167 (2021)

Links to other JLab positron pages

JLab Positron PhD Theses


  • Jefferson Lab Accelerator Advisory Committee (Oct 20-23) => need to add formal report
  • J. Grames Production of Polarized Positrons at Jefferson Lab, CFNS Workshop on Beam Polarization and Polarimetry at EIC ([1]), June 26, 2020 Draft media:CNFS_2020_v2.pptx
  • P. Degtiarenko, J. Kowal, J. Musson, S. Philip, M. Tiefenback, K. Welch, Some Practical Considerations for a Positron Source and Positron Beam Operations at CEBAF, edited J. Grames, May 11 2020 media:PositronConsiderations_FINAL.docx