Phase2 ME meeting minutes 4 14 2021

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phase2 ME design meeting minutes 4_14_2021

Danny, Shaun, Gary, Grames, Marcy, Poelker, Reza, Alicia

Gary presented a "vacuum tight" layout, nice


  1. wider girder, based on phase1 experience, although there won't be as many pumps hanging from side
  2. that said, we want ion pump connected to side of dif pump can, rather than below (less chance of ion pump growing a whisker when mounted to side. This is a busy region, need to visit tunnel to make sure the side-mounted ion pump won't interfere with anything
  3. green solenoid downstream of chopper2 cavity:
  • water lines oriented other way?
  • get with Neil and feel confident the old solenoid can be removed (I assume we cut off 2.75" flange, slide solenoid off)
  • Danny points out, we can't have flanges inside bore of green solenoid, imagine a custom nipple with bellows, welded to chopper cavity pipe...
  1. green solenoids include option to water-cool but we won't need cooling for 200 keV beam
  2. replace ion pumps on today's model with those used for phase1, 25 L/s pumps with pump out port
  3. Mount pumps "beam right"
  4. Decide YAG vs Chromox view screens
  5. make three more antenna style BPMs
  6. Bellows after chopper 2, yes it's there (good) but need to get rid of flanges inside the green solenoid
  7. Visit tunnel, buncher, does it have flanges? getting the connection correct at upstream cross
  8. flange mounted NEGs on first viewer cross, on harp cross, and on third viewer cross
  9. buncher, we want an alignment support fixture
  10. viewer 2, too close for an emittance measurement? Joe will check...
  11. add an all metal valve upstream of dif. pump can
  12. FCup1 should come up from below, duplicate the arrangement of PCup from phase1
  13. need alignment fixture for dipole
  14. to save space (?) the harp cross could also include a viewer...
  15. harps resolve spots down to 20um, YAGs resolve down to 100um
  16. add a BPM on spectrometer line
  17. wherever there's a haimson steering magnet set, there should be an antenna BPM (straight ahead line)
  18. order more haimsons

action items:

  1. Matt get with Neil re: cutting off MFA solenoid
  2. Gary send out drawing so others can scrutinize
  3. Gary and Alicia, z-distances for three solenoids, buncher and A3 and A4
  4. Matt update parts list, extra valve, extra BPM
  5. order valves, order haimsons, order YAGs screens (all long lead items)
  6. visit tunnel, conflict for ion pump hanging from side of dif pump can?, buncher flanges, connections to cross and nipple