Phase2 ME meeting minutes 4 22 2021

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phase2 ME design meeting minutes 4_22_2021 (Shaun, Gary, Matt and Danny)

Gary made great progress on the phase2 layout, addressing most of the issues discussed last meeting. Some discussion topics today:

The MFA solenoid presently attached to back of chopper2 cavity. Poelker inclined to leave as-is, i.e., don't remove it. If we go this route, we still install the green magnet, and we can see if chopper setup is adequate with green solenoid 6 " downstream of chopper cavity. If that location is bad, we continue the physic program with MFA magnet. Then at a later shutdown, we cut off the MFA and move green magnet closer to cavity.

We are averse to cutting off the flange of the half nipple brazed to the chopper cavity, very dangerous, high risk of damaging the expensive chopper cavity. So that means cutting off the MFA magnet. Danny will get the drawings of the MFA solenoid, so that we can say exactly what must be cut off. The magnet is a two coil counter wound type. Fairly certain the front face must be cut off, and likely a center circular piece of steel that separates the two coils. After this, maybe the other elements will slide over the 2.75" flange. It will be a difficult and violent process to cut off the front face and the inside circular piece of steel.


  1. put ion pumps beam right, easier to pump down and vent, providing more room for pump cart
  2. can flip the positions of bellows and BPM downstream of dipole magnet in order to bolt up properly
  3. use the custom made nipple bellows of phase1 and the third green magnet
  4. two bellows added to spectrometer line, to facilitate construction and alignment
  5. bolt up issue at the last BPM at valve to booster, can flip the bellow and BPM, or perhaps use short nipple and short bellows to address the BPM bolt up issue

Long lead items include:

  • bakeable valves (3)
  • flange mounted NEGs
  • wp1250s, the low dust kind for upstream and downstream dif pump stations
  • YAG screens
  • haimsons
  • more BPMs
  • viewer bellows
  • viewer pneumatics?
  • harp, need one more
  • dipole magnet and chamber

action items for Matt:

  • find out if there's money to buy stuff this fiscal year
  • get with SSG and find out what they need for Phase2

Phase2 beamline 4 22 21.png