Phase2 ME meeting minutes 4 29 2021

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Present: Alicia, Reza and Yan, Marcy and Joe, Gary, Shaun and Danny, and Lakshmi

Here are the interesting things discussed today:

  1. ) Joe will see how the MFA and MFX magnets interact, does the close proximity of one influence the other's field. I am thinking we just remove the first green magnet from the beamline, we will just use the MFA that's attached to chopper 2
  2. ) add another viewer to the harp cross?
  3. ) Joe wants the spectrometer line to be supported on two pedestals
  4. ) try to orient heavy gate valves vertically, the body of valve can extend below the beamline
  5. ) add a yao cavity to the spectrometer line, attached just upstream of harp
  6. ) conflict between dif pump can and MFX magnet support
  7. ) Lakshmi will begin working on dipole 3rd week of May

Alicia and Reza need to finalize the position of the buncher, in order for the mech design to wrap up