Phase2 ME meeting minutes 4 8 2021

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ME Design meeting , phase2, 4/8/2021

Shaun, Matt, Gary and Danny

Comments and topics from meeting, some action items:

  1. ) Joe, will we be using the “green” solenoids designed by Jay, three green solenoids on this line?
  2. ) Each green magnet will need a stand, do we have the stands?
  3. ) Add a viewer beneath Faraday Cup 1
  4. ) Remove the pancake steering coils, from drawing and replace with the haimson magnets you show on straight section
  5. ) Replace the viton sealed valves in drawing with bakeable gate valves used in Phase1
  6. ) Fill in the “gaps” in the drawing by extending nipples, adding bellows, etc., this will help convey the message to others that we are close to cutting metal
  7. ) Dipole magnet to spectrometer: Lakshmi will design it and get it fabricated. I assume you will help design a stand.
  8. ) Will Lakshmi provide a drawing of beam trajectory? So that we can design the vacuum chamber? Like Jay did for other dipoles? Matt to find out
  9. ) I prefer a dipole vacuum chamber that looks like vacuum chambers used at UITF, with rectangular aperture. Our new dipole vacuum can should probably have longer ports. Today’s can….the magnet is pushed up against a flange, like it wants to move forward some
  10. ) A3 and dif pump can conflict: ok to move dif pump can downstream, A3 upstream. But for A3, we need to tell Alicia how far we move it from original location
  11. ) Flange mounted NEG pumps on all blank 2.75” flanges (crosses mostly)
  12. ) Probably want at least one bellows on dump spectrometer line, Phil to weigh in
  13. ) How many elements need support stands with alignment capability? Solenoids (x3), buncher?, dipole magnet
  14. ) Get with SSG, do they want us to perform maintenance on A3 and A4?
  15. ) Pump drops on booster and 1/4CM, identical? Probably more an issue at UITF
  16. ) Matt to send out parts list
  17. ) Pump out valves on each region separated by valves, put them on drawing
  18. ) Chopper 2 solenoid….how to remove the old solenoid? Get with Neil
  19. ) Move the ion pump UP, connect directly to dif pump can without a nipple extension
  20. ) Next meeting: invite Joe, Marcy, Phil, Reza, Alicia and Yan