Phase2 ME meeting minutes 6 3 2021

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  • let's replace WP1250s inside the rectangular dif pump can with UHV1400 ZAO modules. Gary will model the dif pump can with these modules. Maybe we can use the existing vacuum can, or maybe we need a new can, to provide required ports for electrical feedthroughs. If we have to redesign the can, we should use a capacitor pump instead of the UHV modules.
  • let's replace the WP1250s (or 950s) inside the round dif pump cans downstream of the booster with capacitor pumps, also made of ZAO material. Ideally, pull top flange to remove the WP1250s and replace with 10" flange and Z3500 capacitor pump, but need to make sure the insertion depth is compatible with dif pump can design, i.e., the Z3500 pump can't block the beam!
  • Marcy will use MolFlo to estimate the vacuum isolation of each dif pump design, and we can use blank copper gaskets with holes drilled of appropriate diameter to fine tune our isolation, to get what we desire.
  • Poelker to obtain quotes from SAES, including power supplies
  • Girders will employ 80/20 tops with 1/2" think aluminum plate. But before we can drill holes in the plates, we need to finalize the layout. This can't happen until the bend magnet and vacuum chamber are fleshed out.
  • Joe mentions that the 15 degree dipole magnet near gun needs work and this should be Lakshmi's top priority, which is ok. So in this vein, our phase2 plan A dipole can be today's dipole with larger spacers to accommodate a vacuum chamber with more aperture. I will convey this to Lakshmi and ask her to provide a beam trajectory for our plan A dipole solution, then we can design the vacuum chamber.
  • I noted this dipole is mostly OFF, as in > 99% of the time. Joe noted that the steel of today's 500 keV dipole complicates beam restoration. It would be better to build an air core dipole. Can it be the same 15 degree dipole we plan to use near the gun? wouldn't that be great?
  • Next meeting should include Phil, Marcy, Alicia, Yan and Reza. Matt will distribute the drawings I get from Gary.
  • Shaun compared the dimensions of the 1/4CM and the booster: small variations in length upstream and downstream can be dealt with using bellows. THere's one vertical tube that might pose problem for utube, Matt will send drawing to Scott Thompson and Jonathan Creel for comment.