Phase 1 - HCO & Commissioning

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Jobs Leading to HCO & Commissioning

15 deg dipole (MDR)
  • Install on beam line after bake out, then align, do we use shims?
  • Current sensor for HV interlock installed and tested, ready for DC power, to set limits, fault test
  • Current sensor for FSD installed and tested, calibrated for FSD card, ready for DC power, to set limits, fault test
  • Update drawings, document
Laser jobs
  • Complete outrigger box, install, test with laser room shutter, update LSOP
  • Flush chiller, decide on PM schedule, fill
  • Re-install Hall B amp in permanent location
  • Complete macropulse chassis upgrade (replace 18 VDC + booster with 24 VDC, add protection diode to shutters), test all beam modes
  • Update drawings, document
Gun HVPS jobs

  • (done) Add placards to ISB racks
  • Install HV Switcher chassis at ISB, complete cabling between rack components
  • Drop/pull HV cables from HV switcher outputs to Wiens
  • Update drawings, document
Ion Pump Power Supplies
  • (done) Finalize IP names for songsheet
  • Complete mapping between all IP and power supplies (gun to choppers)
  • Complete UHV power supply upgrade, remove temp PS, spare PS on shelf (identify cabinet area for spares)
  • Work with software to reprogram UHV PS EPICS names, can we have unique identifier from old names?
  • Re-install (2) HV patch boxes, update box labels, pull HV drop cables to patch boxes, updated labels
  • Update drawings, document
  • Work with I&C and software, controls for (3) valves (note - confirm valve type different)
  • Build, install, test (3) shut-override boxes for valves
  • UHV vacuum fault (series, yes?) shuts all three gate valves, test
  • Gun2 valve open required for HV enable; method to jumper/bypass for HV conditioning (i.e. valve closed, but HV enable OK)
  • Update drawings, document
Air, GN2, LCW
  • Move GN2 near gun lower, hook for air lines, caps for poly hose
  • Add 2nd GN2 near girder, hook for air lines, caps for poly hose
  • Fabricate, install air manifold w/ cutoff for (8) viewers, (2) valves, (2) spares
  • (done) Re-install LCW manifold
Crash inhibit
  • Install, test crash inhibit for pcup and viewer (note - fail safe test, i.e. do NOT hook up air to BOTH devices)
  • Install, test crash inhibit for harp and viewer (note - does this exist, would speak to I&C early on)
Apertures & PCup
  • Scribe new aperture stops, bag, store in tunnel, throw away ALL old stops
  • Install shoulder bolt on A1, test
  • Attach current monitoring w/ inline I&C protection boxes
  • Reconnect LCW, I&C check flow meters clear interlock
Electrician jobs
  • Relocate floor outlets
  • Bond girders (Shaun has holes drilled on girders already for this)
  • Install cable tray