Phase 1 Beamline Components

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Gun & Vacuum
200 kV gun - Cathode, anode and high voltage system
Injector upgrade vacuum improvements - Improvements in the vacuum design, use of getter and ion pumps
Y-chamber Laser Window - Evaluating the best window to minimize birefringence under stress
Solenoid Details
Agreed solenoid field direction convention =>
Phase 1 installation wiring diagram info => media:210419_Magnet_Wiring_v6.docx
FX beamline and FY chopper solenoids - New double-coil sw/cw capable solenoids with 38 mm (FX) and 46 mm (FY) ID
(Done) FG spin solenoids
Other Magnets
(Done) DR dipole (15 deg) - New 15 deg air core bend dipole replaces pre-existing DS dipole
PSS Kicker (upgraded for 200 kV upgrade) - New PSS kicker of reliable design to operate at 200 kV with shorter throw
WF Wien Filters (200 kV upgrade) - Upgraded Wien filters with 20 A magnetic coils and >18 kV electrodes to rotate spin of 200 keV electrons
(Documentation done) QW Wien quadrupoles (200 kV upgrade) - New quads designed for 200 keV energy, w/ improved magnetic field quality
(Documentation done) HD steering coils - New steering coils for the A1/A2 aperture cubes, improved design and for 200 keV energy
RF System
Chopping System (200 kV upgrade) - Choppers get higher power amplifiers, maybe a new chopping chamber
Pre-buncher cavity (200 kV upgrade) - Existing stainless steel pre-buncher replaced by copper cavity for higher power.
LLRF 3.0 Phase 1
NEG coated 2.5 inch OD BPM's - Replacing (2) existing with (3) new BPM's, provide (x,x',y,y') from gun, help tuning
A1/A2 Aperture Steering Cubes - Reinvented A1/A2 apertures define beam size and PSS kicker destination, include upgraded HD steering coils
(Documentation done) Beamline viewers
Harp IHA0I02 installed across from Viewer IYG0I02 media:220426_Harp.pptx ELOG entry May 4, 2022