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== Recent Updates ==
==Planning, planning, planning...==
==Planning, planning, planning...==
* [[AIPINJ - Phase 2 Upgrade Meetings]]
* [[AIPINJ - Phase 2 Upgrade Meetings]]
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:[[SRF Booster]]
:[[SRF Booster]]
:[[media:parts list old and new phase2 beamline.xls]]
:[[media:parts list old and new phase2 beamline.xls]]
==2022 Winter SAD ATLIS Tasks==
;Phase 1 Region
* 200 kV gun => building a second 18" gun appropriate for CEBAF, to condition to 300 kV, and operate at 200 kV
* (Lakshmi) Replace DR dipole =>  PO written week of Aug 30 for new DM at CEBAF, UITF and 2 spare coils
* (Sarin/Riad) Replace noisy Wien 20A SCE =>
* (Phil) Repair leaky PCUP LCW fitting => labor, no M&S
* (Marcy) Remake A2 joint => labor, no M&S
* (Marcy) Replace harp => labor, no M&S
* (Jerry) Install & test 200 kV kicker => waiting for Jerry's reply
;Phase 2 Region
* (Matt) Possibly install solenoid/valve downstream of chopper => MMF mapping solenoids in Sep.  Do we have 2-3/4" pneumatic beam line valve?
* (FM) Install bright lighting => Walked area with FM.  Waiting for follow-up.
;Non-AIPINJ Jobs
* Test mode-locked laser
* Return gold target ladder, w/ larger nipple, original STAC5
* Store tunnel HV cables nicely, like we do now at UITF

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Planning, planning, planning...

Major Phase 2 Beamline Components

SRF Booster
media:parts list old and new phase2 beamline.xls