Phase 2

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Recent Updates

Planning, planning, planning...

Major Phase 2 Beamline Components

SRF Booster
media:parts list old and new phase2 beamline.xls

2022 Winter SAD ATLIS Tasks

Phase 1 Region

  • Install harp, remove top-hat from viewer
  • Re-make A2 joint
  • Replace both Wien 20A SCE with lower noise power supplies
  • Install Lakshmi's DR dipole
  • Install/test new kicker
  • Install gun which reaches 200 kV reliably w/o field emission

Phase 2 Region

  • Take advantage of harp/A2 vacuum work to install new solenoid + valve downstream chopper?
  • Requested to Steve brighter lights from laser room to gate (like we have by gun)


  • Test mode-locked laser
  • Return gold target ladder, w/ larger nipple, original STAC5
  • Store tunnel HV cables nicely, like we do now at UITF