Phase 2

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Recent Updates

Planning, planning, planning...

Major Phase 2 Beamline Components

SRF Booster
media:parts list old and new phase2 beamline.xls


Vent VBV0I02 - VBV0I07 (Marcy, Phil)

  • Monitor vacuum through QCM
  • Remove top-hat from IYG0I02 (make sure YAG is good, spare on-hand?)
  • Install IHA0I02, test before pumpdown, before bakeout
  • Remake leaky A2 gaskets

Vent Mott chamber (Marcy, Phil, Scott)

  • Remove diamond ladder
  • Install/align gold ladder
  • Restore old controls
  • Long pump down

Beam Tests

  • (Shukui, Joe, Tomasz, Reza) Install, test and compare mode-locked vs. gain-switched fiber lasers (bleedthrough, injector setup, operation)
  • (Dennis, Ken?, Alicia?) Use harp to study Wien optics and test match
  • (Dennis) Evaluate optics of new 15 deg DM dipole vs. existing DS dipole
  • (Max) Use BPM, Harp/lens to quantify beam deflection & Twiss vs. laser spot location
  • (Riad, Sarin) Use BPM's and Wiens to test different/new PS to suppress line noise
  • (Gabriel, Carlos) Do you need data for Wien paper?
  • (Jerry, Joe) Test 200 keV PSS kicker magnet
  • (Yan) Evaluate QCM