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3 month SAD January 2022_proposed timeframe for this work

  • Mech Design: layout, parts fab
  • Survey and Alignment: another girder, plus all the stuff we remove has to go back in
  • Installation Group: moving CMs and that means removing lots of stuff, west arc, spectrometer, peppo line, then putting it all back. Where does all the stuff go? Stone drops? Coordinate CM moves with SRF, *SRF normally does the move
  • Gun Group: the vacuum work and the prep in advance, mods to MeV section, remove the pepo line now? Work with Neil
  • SRF and the vacuum group: particle free removal and installation of CMs (valves on booster are fine), rebuild the dif pump stations, downstream station
  • Cryo: removing and replacing u-tubes, cool down working with SRF
  • Warm RF: new LLRF 3.0, interlocks
  • High Power RF: mods to klystrons?, waveguides, HPA mods, cable pulls, can we do some now?
  • Software: reworked region between chopper and booster, update booster RF, Provide a list
  • DC Power: reconfiguring magnets (don’t think we are adding more than we have now), MeV spectrometer power supply
  • Magnet Measurement: new dipole, FX and FY
  • Magnet design: new dipole, earth field correcting coils?
  • Injector Group: commission the new setup, relatively small amount of time to commission
  • CASA: demonstrate adiabatic damping across booster, rework the MeV quad locations?
  • SSG: rework A3 and A4 bellows?, new 200 keV dipole setting, recertify, LLRF 3.0, 5 MeV gate removal?
  • I&C: reworked beamline region, additional BPM, one more harp, new vacuum controller
  • Facilities: fire pipe, cooling
  • EH&S
  • Chopper upgrade, new solenoids?

Comments from Neil, a good summary of important topics discussed today at meeting:

  • QCM/Booster Swap Questions & Comments
  • Where will we stand at the completion of the 2020/21 SAD in regards to the scope needed?
  • Where will we store the things we need to remove while the swap is in progress i.e: - Dipoles, girders, stands etc. These items are RAM and will need designated areas and Radcon support
  • Access conflicts – What/where/resource will we have conflict with other planed work during this period – CM upgrades, LCLSII Work, Isotope runs, etc.
  • What has changed in the tunnel/Accel./test lab which could alter plans – Fire pipe removal, chiller bars removal, etc.
  • QCM removal & Booster installation coordination and understanding of roles & responsibilities/boundaries.
  • Misc. Interferences – Need to take a hard look at the planned route and make sure the path is cleared.
  • Cable pulls – If possible we need to try to ensure all cable pulls for this upgrade are done during the present SAD, additional spare conduit installed in pene. presently open.

media:Neil's old spreadsheet of installation group tasks associated with booster installation.xls

Present at today's meeting: Poelker, Ginsburg, Oren, Grames, Suhring, Kjeldsen, Kazimi, Dipette, Gould, Chris Curtis, Wilson, Hovater, Machie, Kowal, Joe Meyers, Keith Cole, Baggett, Garza, Nelson, Sarin, Lakshmi, Tomasz, Michalski, Shaun

Next time remember to invite Bob Sperlazza, Keith Welch, Mike Drury, sorry, my oversight

Some main points from today:

  1. try to remove the peppo line this shutdown
  2. try to pull all cables this shutdown, while penetrations are OPEN
  3. during this SAD determine if the ¼ CM and booster will pass through the MeV portion of injector?
  4. list the chores to remove booster from UITF
  5. how quickly do we imagine restoring operations at UITF? of course this will involve the same groups listed above, to make the ¼ CM functional at UITF
  6. this job needs to be folded into a list of ALL SAD jobs: CM swaps, girder work, etc., how does this job mesh with other jobs?