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Mike McC. and I have been operating under the assumption that UITF is supposed to provide beam for the water irradiation experiment this calendar year and in parallel, we continue to study the characteristics of the booster. I've asked SRF to remove the booster prior to the end of the calendar year, so as to get a jump on installation at CEBAF in January 2022. Although no one from SRF has responded to any emails on this subject, I assume they will be able to pull the booster using clean rooms for the disconnect. Maybe this happens in October, maybe November? not December as we know this place is a ghost town in December, but maybe December? So these are the only programs Mike and I have imagined happening at UITF between now and the end of the calendar year and with past operation of UITF, we go forward on a "best effort" basis, always second to CEBAF and with no dedicated staffing.

We have a new beamline now, and Mike McC has been discussing with various parties from Engineering and Ops to support beam delivery, using the usual devices: magnets, diagnostics, etc., It's a small addition to what already existed at UITF, so modest levels of work required to proceed, but of course that's for others to say, i.e., the people who will do the work. Per the ERR process, Mike will draft a commissioning plan for this new beamline, it will be reviewed and approved.

The gun misbehaved at the end of the HDIce run, I could no longer activate photocathode and install them without triggering field emission. THat's unfortunate for the gun group, as they are busy. It's a big job to rebuild the gun, and it comes at a bad time.

The optics studies of the booster have not gone smoothly, although I believe we can make good progress measuring beam envelope and energy spread given a solid month of daily study, performed by me, Mike, Yan, Xi and with help from Dennis Turner.

I don't think we need MCC Operators for this work.

So that's the background related to calendar 2021 UITF plans. Having a different meeting on the long term future of UITF remains a good idea, but only if the discussion focuses seriously on dedicating staffing of the facility.

'build beamline' 'repair gun' '