Positron Beams History

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#1 Positron Working Group Letter of Intent to PAC46, July 2018

E. Voutier and J. Grames on behalf of the Jefferson Lab Positron Working Group, Physics with Positron Beams at Jefferson Lab 12 GeV
Letter of Intent Media:PAC46-LOI.pdf
Final Report Media:PAC46_Report_FINAL.pdf

#2 : Hall B CLAS Collaboration Meeting, July 2018

A. Freyberger "Possibilities for Positron Beams at JLab"
slides Media:PositronsCLASCollaboration.pdf

#3 : International Workshop on Physics with Positrons @ JLab (JPos17), Jefferson Lab, 12-15 September 2017

L. Cardman, The PEPPo method for polarized positrons and PEPPo II
slides media:Larry Cardman_The PEPPo method for polarized positrons and PEPPo II.pptx

#4 : International Spin Physics Symposium (SPIN2016), Urbana-Champaign, 26-30 September 2016

J. Grames, Production of Highly Polarized Positrons Using MeV Energy Polarized Electrons
slides media:SPIN_Grames_Final.pptx
proceedings media:Spin2016Grames.pdf

#5 : PRL and Media on CEBAF PEPPo Experiment

D. Abbott et al., "Production of Highly Polarized Positrons Using Polarized Electrons at MeV Energies"
PRL Phys. Rev. Lett., 116, 214801 (2016)
APS Focus article on PEPPo
Daily Press article on PEPPo