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Tech Notes

  • WF Calibration -- 5/4/18 Calibration of the UITF Wien Filter (WF) by adjusting the E-Field and B-Field to determine the velocity of the electron beam
  • Spring 2018 QE vs. Charge & Fall 2016 QE vs. Charge -- 5/24/18 Plots of QE vs. Charge data from the CEBAF injector. The Spring 2018 plot corresponds to when the vertical WF was at 50 degrees and the horizontal WF was off. The Fall 2016 plot is the opposite with the horizontal WF at 50 degrees and the vertical WF was off.
  • Magnetic field in front of photogun idea -- 5/25/18 An idea that I had that may solve the problem of ion back-bombardment due to ion creation downstream of the anode.
  • Derivation of QE Formula -- 6/1/18 Derivation of the formula for photocathode QE based on electron current, laser power, and wavelength

Ion Bombardment of Solids Notes

RGA Spectra

  • RGA Spectrum After 2 Days -- RGA Spectrum for gun chamber taken on 5/21/18 after prepping for 2 days, analyzed using gnuplot on 6/11/18

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