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Tech Notes

  • WF Calibration -- 5/4/18 Calibration of the UITF Wien Filter (WF) by adjusting the E-Field and B-Field to determine the velocity of the electron beam
  • Spring 2018 QE vs. Charge & Fall 2016 QE vs. Charge -- 5/24/18 Plots of QE vs. Charge data from the CEBAF injector. The Spring 2018 plot corresponds to when the vertical WF was at 50 degrees and the horizontal WF was off. The Fall 2016 plot is the opposite with the horizontal WF at 50 degrees and the vertical WF was off.

GTS Field Map Layout

  • GTS Field Map Layout -- 10/11/18 Plot of the electric and magnetic fields through the first 1.2m of the GTS beamline using Gnuplot. The layout includes the field maps of the gun HV, biased anode, magnetizing (gun) solenoid, and the first two lenses (focusing solenoids), as well as vertical lines indicating positions of certain beamline elements (see GTS drawing)

July 2018 CEBAF Charge Lifetime Measurements

  • QE vs. Charge -- Plot of QE vs Charge between 10:13:00 and 15:12:00 on 7/11/18

Ion Bombardment of Solids Notes

Gun Voltage vs. Distance

RGA Spectra and Ionization Cross Sections

  • RGA Spectrum After 2 Days -- RGA Spectrum for gun chamber taken on 5/21/18 after prepping for 2 days, analyzed using gnuplot on 6/11/18. Each peak was fit using a gaussian function in order to determine the maximum and standard deviation of each peak.

Oral Qualifier Paper and Presentation


  • References -- List of references in bibliography format. Updated on 9/4/18

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