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Meeting Info
Action Items
Joe - coordinate a kick-off meeting with Cornell group
Riad - start discussion with Bryan Moffit, develop work plan and purchasing list to build ad commission polarimeter DAQ in the Oct 20 - Mar 21
  • Jul-Aug 2008 keV CEBAF Mott (100/500) last time
  • (2) detectors installed @ 120 deg + other (2) Riad's office; many pairs of pre-amps stored in office
  • Riad suggests 200 keV (low risk for gun, less x-ray background, lower cross-section) ideally @ 130 deg
  • Riad is building a Mott DAQ at UITF
    • 19" rack (Scott is going to buy, goes on top of cave)
    • VME crate => buying new crate (Chris Cuevas will buy) + SBC (single board computer) brain of crate (ordered)
    • Trying to solicit Daniel to develop Mott DAQ/analysis at UITF
Marcy - list any UITF gun and beam line jobs or repairs to make photocathodes reliably, improve vacuum for high current lifetime studies
  • garages in y chamber to avoid charging viewers
  • determine status of Matt's mini-puck loader
  • Likely need to add pumps to Mott chamber and use instead of dump line DP can
Carlos - evaluate energy reach of gun and Wien filter for experiments in the Apr 21 - Sep 21 time frame
  • we'll plan for 200 keV, but no conflict if we were to operate at higher voltage (could be useful)
  • Upgrade Wien filter OK, making it 200 keV for CEBAF, but 350 keV may not be possible just yet (with this Wien)
  • Install Blue UITF Wien at some point...figure out when?
Mamun - develop plans to modify the 1137 and UITF depo chambers to test and finally transfer Cornell recipes to UITF photo-gun
Joe - evaluate keV-Mott Mott for operating in 100-300 kV range and for high current lifetime studies
  • Xavi Aug 24...will start working on keV Mott (CS,S,TU)
Action Items
  • Get IHWP/RWP wave plates at UITF
  • Ask Scott to order 19" crate, small helicity board crate + isolation transformer + STAC5 controller for the Mott
  • Do we add detectors at 60 deg (we have old detectors, pre-amps, plus enough spare channels of bias+amp)
  • Do we need new/different collimators; lower Z???, lead around detectors, need more collimators/parts
  • Improvements to the beam line when adding Mott (viewer charging)
  • Develop draft/layout of the Mott line (how to put Mott in, steering magnets, focusing magnet?, valve, viewer/harp?)
  • What does the bottom of chamber look like (pumping, accepts long target ladder?)
  • What selection of targets do we want (higher Z => larger analyzer power/CS and vice versa)
  • What target foil inventory list?!?! => do we have foils to use, or buy some from Lebow?
  • What about the gun needs to be fixed to have a high lifetime program...
  • HV chamber
Eliminate field emission for lifetime measurement and low current Mott measurements
Carlos recently processed UITF SS cathode + small shed to 250 kV to reduce FE'er but still exists, can it happen or do we need larger electrode?
HV chamber is mis-aligned, need preserve good laser launch/retroreflection
  • Prep chamber:
Align LM to cathode electrode => no scraping, align the SM1/2/heater all to the heater stalk, mask
Matt has an load upgrade chamber...what's the plan?